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Senior Financial Recruitment

A good FD will directly affect the enterprise value of your business.

KUDU Search find, attract and engage key finance professionals for Owner Managed Businesses in Yorkshire.
We work with experienced Finance Directors and CFOs as well as aspiring FDs of the future.

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Finding a qualified accountant is the easy bit. Identifying the additional skills that will make them a successful and valuable part of your organisation is far more complex.

KUDU Search specialise in finding, attracting, and securing senior finance and accounting candidates for Owner Managed Businesses in Yorkshire. The KUDU approach allows clients to understand the wider benchmark and make informed decisions about each recruitment project they undertake.

We place established FDs and CFOs and also work with the next generation of talented individuals as they move up the career ladder, looking for that first No1 finance role.

Sometimes it’s tempting to hire the most obvious and available candidates but they’re not always the best in the market. We must find a balance between the value you place on the “perfect fit” and the speed with which you need to make an appointment.

Communication is the key to everything we do, and KUDU operate without personal agenda. Our success relies upon the quality and integrity of the service. Difficult conversations often prove to be the most valuable.

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We're happy to spend time talking about ideas and plans. There is no pressure or obligation to start a recruitment process now or in the future.

“The Value of an FD”. Click the image to download your copy.

The process to hire an FD needs to be as rigorous as any other investment due diligence. The best candidates don’t tend to apply quickly and very often they’re not even looking for a new role.

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Shaping YORKSHIRE Business

JOB Roles

The majority of our placements are titled “Finance Director” but the No1 role can have a number of different names depending on the size and complexity of your business and the seniority of the person you wish to employ.

  • CFO
  • Finance Director
  • Finance Director Designate
  • Financial Controller
  • Head of Finance
  • Company Accountant

When we speak we can discuss the differences and how appropriate they might be for your situation.

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