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Senior Financial Recruitment

20 years recruiting accountants in yorkshire

KUDU Search find, attract and engage key finance professionals for Owner Managed Businesses in Yorkshire.
We work with experienced Finance Directors and CFOs as well as aspiring FDs of the future.

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Oh, where to begin?

My name’s Don Aitken and after 20 years of recruiting accountants in Yorkshire, I decided that the time was right to setup my own business. I love working with Owner Managed Businesses and have made many excellent contacts since moving to Leeds in 2001.

I’m probably the least “salesy” recruiter you’ll have met in a long time and that ethos underpins everything that KUDU will become. This page isn’t going to be all about recruitment skills and “fill rates” (which are both exceptional by the way 😉

When it comes to recruitment, it needs to be done right and it’s always great to work with people who share this vision. If you would like “a few CVs by mid-afternoon” or you would like your CV sent to a client before we’ve met, then KUDU might not be right for you.

Don’t get me wrong, we can move quickly but many recruiters cut corners to achieve pointless KPIs or fee targets. That’s just not the KUDU way.

Personally, I’ve never failed to complete on a retained assignment and I don’t recall ever having to give a client any money back (certainly not in the last 15 years anyway).

When you do the job well, the fees just happen. KUDU likes to focus on doing the job well.

Don Aitken, Founder Director.


FD Recruitment

"You don't have to be looking for an FD or a new job to have a chat with me. 50% of the people I speak to aren't currently active in the job market. They just like to plan ahead / see around corners". Don

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