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Hardly anyone uses traditional business cards these days but you sometimes need a way to effortlessly exchange contact details when you’re out and about.

The “my KUDU card” is programmed with your details. It’s NFC enabled and compatible with all modern iOS and Android smartphones.

Simply tap the card on a phone to open the personalised profile page which includes your logo, your contact details and a downloadable contact card (vCard).

You’re welcome to have a card for free.

Order here.

One reusable business
card is all you need in 2024!

Hard wearing, editable and infinitely reusable.

KUDU Branded

KUDU branded NFC card. This card links to your contact details and a downloadable vCard.
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The my KUDU card is a marketing tool for KUDU Search Careers Ltd. KUDU Search Careers Ltd provide this card without any guarantees and without liability. By ordering a card, you consent to the details you supply being hosted on our website via a non-listed, private, link. You can edit or remove your details at any time. KUDU Search Careers Ltd will never use nor sell your contact details. Information provided is used solely for the purposes of delivering the my KUDU card service. The my KUDU card service can be withdrawn at any time and KUDU Search Careers Ltd take no responsibility for any loss resulting from the use, loss or withdrawal of the service. Details are held in a secure environment and protected from general viewing by a unique but un-encrypted address.
*Due to supply challenges, numbers will be limited and priority will always go to contacts most relevant to the KUDU network. This includes Yorkshire based business owners, directors, non-execs, senior advisory professionals, existing clients, existing  contacts and existing candidates.